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Upcoming actions

Recent actions

  • On July 2 at 17h00 the European Parliament adopted changes to the draft agenda for the July Plenary Session in Strasbourg. Changes to the agenda with regards to ACTA were possible, but Greens/EFA MEPs presence helped uphold that the vote on ACTA was not removed from the agenda.
  • On June 21 the International Trade Committee, INTA said No to ACTA, MEP Martin's Report was carried[1]
  • On June 19 the Committee on Petitions (PETI) will hold a hearing with the petitioners of the ACTA petitions
  • On June 4 the Development Committee (DEVE) will vote on MEP Zahradil's Opinion on ACTA: DEVE said NO to ACTA.
  • On May 31 the Industry Committee (ITRE) adopted MEP Andersdotter's Opinion on ACTA: ITRE said NO to ACTA.
  • On May 31 the Legal Affairs Committee (JURI) rejected MEP Gallo's Opinion on ACTA: JURI said NO to ACTA.
  • On May 31 the Civil Liberties Committee (LIBE) adopted MEP Droutsas' Opinion on ACTA: LIBE said NO to ACTA.
  • On May 30 the Legal Affairs Committee (JURI) will have an exchange of views on MEP Gallo's Opinion on ACTA
  • On May 16 Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee (LIBE) workshop on ACTA and its compatibility of ACTA with Fundamental Rights (room A5G3)

Actions in 2011

  • On October 4 Press Conference 13:00-13:30 "Does ACTA violate fundamental rights?" in European Parliament press room, PHS 0A50, with MEP Jan Albrecht and Prof. Dr. Douwe Korff.
  • On 31 may Greens/EFA Group decides to support EDRi's request "that all relevant documents (drafts distributed by the European Commission and associated briefing notes from the Commission) received by the Parliament be published and/or communicated directly to us as soon as possible."

Actions in 2010

  • On 9 November the Greens/EFA ACTA WG put online a draft for a resolution on ACTA for the November II Plenary session, in cooperation with MEPs from other political groups, for the purpose of asking the public and experts for comments. The online consultation closed for comments on 15 November.
  • On July 24 Greens/EFA participated at ORGCON
  • On June 28 Greens/EFA participated in a Geneva Workshop organised by KEI and IQsensato.
  • On June 3 more questions were asked focussing on whether ACTA is undermining access to medicines and constrain future policy options.
  • On May 31 MEP Ska Keller asked a priority question to the Commission about provisions in ACTA "that clearly breach commitments under the Doha Declaration".
  • On May 26 seven Greens/EFA MEPs wrote a follow up letter to WTO president Pascal Lamy asking for comments on the "potential implications of new global norms that may emerge from ACTA", whether "ACTA parties approached, consulted or shared further information about the negotiations with the WTO" and "To what extent would a decision in the dispute supersede ACTA provisions that exceed those in the TRIPS Agreement or the GATT or conflict with the decision?"
  • On May 6 WIPO Director General Francis Gurry answered the Greens/EFA MEPs letter saying: "Based on its long experience in international norm-setting relating to IP, WIPO is committed to ensuring inclusive, transparent processes."
  • On May 5 the EP approved with overwhelming majority a Resolution on the EU-Canada Summit which says ACTA should be opened up to public scrutiny and conducted "under the auspices of an international organisation, the most suitable being WIPO".
  • On May 4 WTO president Pascal Lamy answered the Greens/EFA MEPs letter saying WTO Members could request the WTO secretariat to answer the questions in the letter.
  • On April 21 Greens/EFA MEPs Jan Albrecht and Christian Engström said in a press release they expect to continue to "receive all relevant ACTA negotiation documents" from the Commission..
  • On April 15 seven Greens/EFA MEPs asks WIPO and WTO about transparency, enforcement and norm-setting in relation to ACTA and asks for impact assessments of such aspects. They also "request clarification regarding the relationship between ACTA Institution and WIPO in scenarios where the ACTA Secretariat operates under the WTO, the WIPO, or as an independent body."
  • On February 25 the Greens/EFA Internet Core Group decided to set up a thematic work group dedicated to organise, coordinate and develop the groups' work on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement: The Act on ACTA campaign
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